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The ACCA Magazine is published quarterly and is free to all members of the Club. This page indicates the main content of the many recent magazines, most of which now run to 36 pages, mostly in full colour. From that you can see what you have missed if you have yet to subscribe!

Issue 98 cover

Issue 98: January-March 2017

Editorial; The President's Perspective; Announcements; Snippet: Fiske's Motor oils, and Royal Family members on 1958 & 1960 Castrol calendars; 25th Anniversary Year for ACCA; Garage Gallery - Master Motors Ltd Perth, 1929; Snippet: ASO video clip of Studebaker advert showing Shell spirit; Tecalemit Nameplate discovery; Home Servo Labour of Love (Wayne in WA); How I started collecting: Harold from WA; Snippet: a gold Caltex oil rack; Snippet: collection of early Holden books; Oilzum - a rare motor oil in Australia; How I started collecting: Founding member Chris tells his story (part 1) focusing on his Chevs and oil bottle tops; Snippets: Bowes Seal fast, and a 1939 Danish Esso anniversary plate; Member profile: Stuart from Vic; A family affair - the Victorian Gathering; Tin-top Idex by oil brands; Snippets: a 1928 photo of Voco/Plume pumps and 1950s Shell ads from NZ; Jetex - the fastest car in the world...; Some 1937 Australian advertisements; Wheeling and Dealing; Snippet: two pre-1927 Shell tanker photos.

Issue 97 cover

Issue 97: October-December 2016

Editorial; The President's Perspective; Vale June Woodruff; Snippets: A Big Tree tanker in a filed and a Castrol world records ad; Snippet: Collie Industrial Cooperative Society's petrol pumps in the 1930s; Garage Gallery: Kurzman Garage in Melbourne; Lismore 1930 flood disruption; NZ ACCA get together; Bendigo Swap and AGM; McLean's Island Swap Meet in Christchurch NZ, Herberton historic village visit; Signs from the USA; Beaulieu UK finds; SA ACCA Gasfest 2016; Beaulieu International Autojumble report; Mini gathering at Mike and Helene's in Victoria; Western Australia get together; ACCA Life Member No.2 - Neil; Earthquakes and collections; Snippets: Shell finds and Cowra museum auction; Purr Pull on Parade again; Snippet: recent finds from NZ; Castrol lubrequipment to the fore; Super Shell New Zealand (a 1940s garage photo); Wheeling and Dealing; Snippet: a Tate petrol pump.

Issue 96 cover

Issue 96: July-September 2016

Editorial - Chris Osborne is back; The President's Perspective; Announcements; Meet your ACCA Team; Garage Gallery - the Duke & Duchess of York visit Adelaide in 1926; Snippets: Spoilt for Choice and two Atlantic NZ pumps; News from our UK Rep; Snippet: An Ampol glass door cabinet; Snippet: A 1960 Castrol Royal calendar; Snippet: Big Tree items from a New Zealand Collector; Snippet: ACCA's youngest (?) collector of Castrol items; Brodribb Pumps revisited; Jerry Cans from WWII; Snippet: Alan Chandler's virtual garage tour; Neptune Oil and Grease Tins history; Snippet: A 1926 Dutch Shell Crown pump; The New ACCA President - an Introduction; Tecalemit Britannic discovery; How I started collecting: Richard from NZ; ACCA Website - how to navigate it; Purr Pull on Parade in Brisbane, Qld; Wheeling and Dealing.

Issue 95 cover

Issue 95: April-June 2016

Editorial & the President's Perspective - the final one from Geoff Elwin; A word from the new ACCA President: David Lutze; Announcements - ACCA in Victoria and Western Australia; report from AGM held on 14 November 2015; Snippet: tins and pumps seen in a general store on Norfolk Island; Cowra War, Rail and Rural Museum Auction; How I started collecting: Ken from NZ; The 17th Annual SA/NT Gasfest; Spring Beaulieu Autojumble; Snippet: a Big Tree Service road distance chart; Snippet: two plastic handy oilers and two brass axe heads; Holden pedal car power; Original petroliana art by ACCA member Rod Oaten; The Tinwald/Ashburton swap meet in New Zealand; Upper cylinder dispensers found; Restoration magic; Garage Gallery: McKnight Brothers and Arncliffe Service Station in Sydney; Wheeling and Dealing; Snippet: Vacuum Oil Co Pty installation in North Fremantle in 1927; Snippet: Golden fleece and Shell pumps.

Issue 94 cover

Issue 94: January-March 2016

Editorial & the President's Perspective; Announcements - the 17th Annual Gasfest in South Australia; Snippet: Seligman, AZ; ; Snippet: A Big Tree globe in its original box; Snippet: A Sinclair Servo in Missouri; Transport World, New Zealand; Snippet: a Barnett Glass trophy & tube repair kit and an Atlantic "tin" for a staff Mardi Gras; How I started collecting: Steve from NZ; Snippet: an Auckland member's finds (AC, Europa Lube & Supreme Motor Oil); News from Ballarat Swap Meet; New finds from New Zealand (Big Tree & ACE); Dominion restoration; Dodge Oil Tin (and Charles Atkins and Duncan & Fraser 5lb grease tins); Gargoyle Upper Cylinder Lubricant dispenser; Matwells (Wellsaline) tin-top discovery; Bowser by make not name alone; Two more historic Dunlop Tyres adverts; Snippet: Ryders COR station in Oxenford, Qld; Garage Gallery: ERL pumps in Sydney; Wheeling and Dealing.

Issue 93 cover

Issue 93: October-December 2015

Editorial & the President's Perspective; Announcements - ACCA meetings in South Australia, Victoria & New South Wales; Historic Dunlop Tyres ad; The Beaulieu Autojumble; Rare Vacuum oil cabinet; Snippet: Update on Willaura Motors; Snippet: A 7lb Sternol tin; Snippet: Four finds from New Zealand; Vacuum badge unique find; Snippet: Mobil Pegasus Presentation Box; News from across the Ditch; Round the World trip (including Beaulieu, Hershey & Route 66 to Chickasha); Snippet: tins from Sternol, A.P.Penn, Purr Star, Resis & Master Motor Oil; Snippet: Caltex Kerosene signs from India; How I started collecting: Ken from NZ; Snippet: Geoff's 60th party; Snippet: Golden Fleece sign; Snippet: Castrol bottle rack/basket; Snippet: Lantz-Phelps Combustion Tester; Garage Gallery: Wentworth Park Service Station in Sydney, NSW; Snippet: 3 Shell Silver tins; Vintage Dunlop Tyres advert; Wheeling and Dealing; Snippet: World's first parking meters.

Issue 92 cover

Issue 92: July-September 2015

Editorial & the President's Perspective; Vale: Julie Blake; Announcements - ACCA meetings in NSW, New Zealand, Western Australia; South Australia, & Victoria; Queensland ACCA Get Togethers including a four-page colour photo spread; Member Profile: Alan from the UK; My Name is Earl - the story of the Olympic Tyre mascot; Vacuum Pegasus trademark; President Geoff's Erie Petrol Pump Project (in AMP colours); Ronatip Oils tin from Ronaldson Tippett; Snippet: Shell Compound trophy; WA annual get-together; Victorian ACCA Get Together; Royal warrant not what it seems for Willaura Motors; Garage Gallery: Holland's Garage in Rockdale, NSW; ACCA Code of Conduct; Wheeling and Dealing; Snippet: Mystery Caltex Kerosene sign.

Issue 91 cover

Issue 91: April-June 2015

Editorial & President's Perspective; Announcements - ACCA meetings in Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales & Victoria; Letter to Editor on the Gargoyle emblem; Snippets: Vacuum Plough Oil and a Bowser hiboy; Clearing sale report - Mirboo North (Vic); Day's Garage at Historic Village Herberton; Snippet: Levin's Red Star Castor Axle Oil; Lighter Fuel Dispensers; Member Profile: Dennis from NZ; Massive auction of Automobilia in WA; Know your Oil Bottle, Tin Top & Rack - V-X: Veedol, Ven-Kol, Vitaline, Wolf's Head and XL; Garage Gallery: Radford's Garage in Gordon, NSW; Vintage Dunlop Tyres advert; Snippet: A collection in SA; Snippet: Two quiz questions; Bendigo Swap Meet - a short history; Snippet: A Golden Fleece running board tin; Wheeling and Dealing.

Issue 90 cover

Issue 90: January-March 2015

Editorial & President's Perspective; Announcements; Rising Sun Service Station in West Footscray; Garage Gallery: Bullman's Garage in Gymea, NSW; Gargoyle emblem origin; Member Profile: Wayne from WA; Pump Questions answered; Snippet: Two Price's tins; Snippet: Golden Fleece Tops; WA holds the biggest-ever ACCA gathering; Snippet: The Lodge Plug sign; Member Profile: Scott; Unbelievable auction at Adelong; Know your Oil Bottle, Tin Top & Rack - V: Valvoline; Snippet: Wayne pumps for Ampol in 1950; Member Collection: Alf; Snippets: Red Crescent Motor Oils rack & a 1929 Texaco show stand; The 2014 Bendigo National Swap Meet; The Pax-Alba connection - a follow-up; Snippet: Boxes from Voco Power Kerosene and Sunproof Harvest Oils; Wheeling and Dealing.

Issue 89 cover

Issue 89: October-December 2014

Editorial & President's Perspective; Announcements; Vale Annette Prime; Snippet: Van's Oil Heater; Auction in WA; Garage Gallery: Sunny Corner Garage in Sutherland, NSW; Curios Auctions Warrandyte - a report; Three rare signs - Veedol, Union & Purr Pull; Snippets - including Chevrolet, NRMA and Buick signs; McLean's Island Swap Meet (Christchurch, NZ) and New Zealand's 6th ACCA Get Together; 2014 Victorian ACCA Get Together; Some great COR signs; A Dutch picker finds pumps in France; Snippet: Neptune; Snippet: Lieutenant Motor Tester; Snippet: Mobiloil bottles and rack; Know your Oil Bottle, Tin Top & Rack - V: Vacuum (and Mobiloil); NSW/ACT Annual Get Together; More UCL items from the Castrol archive; Member Profile; Snippet: early oil pumps; The Pax and Alba connection; Wheeling and Dealing; Snippet: A Golden Fleece running board tin; Snippets: Air stands, Shell Aviation and Gold Crown & Red Crown Gasoline.

Issue 88 cover

Issue 88: July-September 2014

Editorial from the new Editor & (new) President's Prologue; Announcements; Meet your ACCA Team; Vale Lindsay Monk and John Ivey; Interesting lighthouse Shellmex pump from the UK; Fake footy badges are but a fantasy; Some interesting signs from New Zealand; Snippet: pedal cars; The Visible 'Auto-Petrol'; Flowerdale sign auction; Know your Oil Bottle, Tin Top & Rack - U: United Oil Products, Unolene, and Upper Cylinder bottles and small equipment, including Castrol, Firezone, RedeX, Ampol, Atlantic, Castrol, Mobil, Neptune, Shell and OVC; SA enjoys its 15th Gasfest; Dominion double now restored; Member profile - with 55 highboys; More on early lube oil tanks and pumps; Charlton Servo Services c1958; Garage Gallery: Axford's Garage & Service Station in Redhill, SA; Bob's collection; Gas Art off to work with a passion; Snippet: the BMW and Mercedes museums in Germany; Snippet: a Dreadnought Kerosene box; Snippet: an early Sun diagnostic unit; Wheeling and Dealing; Snippet: Three 4 gallon square drums from A.P. Penn, Neptune & Sinclair Opaline; Snippet: Mobiloil and Autoline drums from NZ.

Issue 87 cover

Issue 87: April-June 2014

Editorial & A President's Final Message; Announcements; Garage Gallery: Goodman Brothers Auto & Service Co. Ltd in Adelaide, 1926; Shell oil bottles earliest changes; Snippets: Mobil items on Norfolk Island and another view of the Sprague & Sexton Service Station in Timaru; Charlton Victoria flood in 1939; Snippet: Firezone stations in the Netherlands; Snippet: A Jasco Garage Lubricator for Shell; Anything Chrysler/Mopar; Know your Oil Bottle, Tin Top & Rack - Texaco, Total & Trogon; Some rare Automobilia; Castrol Oil Company 6ft x 3ft signs; Full box lids for underground tanks; Rare Items from a NSW Member; The full list of 1968 Shell maps; Castrol highboys haven; Drum Pumps; Gilmore Gasoline outlets in the USA; Oilers were automatic in 1897; Spark plugs; Wheeling and Dealing; Snippet: An Australian lubritorium; Snippet: A non-standard Castrol oil dispenser.

Issue 86 cover

Issue 86: January-March 2014

Cover photo shows Ballarat Swap Meet; Editorial & President's Message; Advance notice of Special Events; ACCA AGM Report; Garage Gallery: Griffin's Garage in Victor Harbor, SA, c.1933; Sydney Super Swap; Northam WA swap meet; Highboys and their Pumps; Left-hand opening-lid hiboys/highboys; Sinclair is no Dinosaur; Timaru Service Station in NZ; VOC feathers its nest; Snippet: Shell wooden box-ends; Snippet: a pair of Shell Service Signs; McLean's Island Swap Meet 2013; New Zealand Road maps - BP; Know your Oil Bottle, Tin Top & Rack - Shell; Victoria Light Car Club Badges; Ballarat Swap Meet 2014; More Rubber round the Ashtray; Dominion Double Pumps; 14 Vulcanisers from a massive member collection; UK Visit (including May Autojumble); Snippets: Golden Fleece in the movies - Wolf Creek 2 and Shell sells its Australian assets; Wheeling and Dealing; Snippet: Miss Lube Rack USA 1955.

Issue 85 cover

Issue 85: October-December 2013

Season's Greetings 2013; Final Golden Fleece pumps; Editorial & President's Message; ACCA AGM Report; Garage Gallery: All British Service Station in Sydney, NSW; Highboys and their pumps; Visit to Roadside Relics in Gympie, Qld; USA Corn gasoline station; Know your Oil Bottle, Tin Top & Rack - Silvertown, Sinclair, Snowdons, Sol-Amber and Stirling; Castrol Land Speed record advert; Bendigo revisited; XXXX Antique Complex, Castlemaine; Car brand car care tins; How my Collecting became a Classics Museum; Snippets: Vacuum 4-gallon drum pourers & a 1936 Veedol advert; Barnes Auto Co. Garage, Qld -1900 to date; 100th anniversary of the drive-in gas station in the USA; Don Smith Collection; Roylo history - update; Snippets from the President including a Globe Motor oil blotter; USA Automobilia Auction; Snippet: Glydol; Wheeling and Dealing.

Issue 84 cover

Issue 84: July-September 2013

Something from the President; Garage Gallery: W.H. Foster garage at Walkerie in SA; Vale Barrie Nielson; More on early Neptune; What I started collecting - Rubber Tyre Ashtrays; Snippet - a US Gilmore gas station; A Building's history revealed in Invercargill, NZ; Snippet - recently discovered Lubrilene and Sunoco tins; How I started Collecting; Some nice large signs; New Zealand road maps - Shell; A Castrol Low Boy; Theme collecting - Simoniz and Bowes Seal Fast; Know your Oil Bottle, Tin & Rack - Quaker/Quaker State; SA Gas Fest No. 14; Shell signs sleuthed; A reply on Reliano and Roylo; Early Lube Oil Tanks and Pumps; Wheeling and Dealing; Snippet - a Plume tanker in Bundaberg.

Issue 83 cover

Issue 83: April-June 2013

Something from the President; Garage Gallery: RAA Road Service Station at Riverton SA; Collecting Spark Plugs; Flowerdale Auction 2012; Ampol and the origin of the name; NSW Annual Get-together; Know your Oil Bottle, Tin & Rack - Paco Penn, Paxol, Penn-Cycline, Penrite, Pennzoil, Phillips 66, Purrolene, Purr Star and Resis; A couple of rare Shell signs, Neptune Containers over the years, Oil Company 6' x 3' signs - Atlantic (ctd) & Big Tree; Racing the Train; Castrol Collectables; Service Stations of Harrow, Victoria; Reliano Oil Company and Roylo Pty Ltd; Pedal Cars

Issue 82 cover

Issue 82: January-March 2013

Something from the President; Garage Gallery: Mitchell Repair Service at Meningie SA; 13th Annual ACCA SA Gas Fest; How I started collecting; McLean's Island Swap Meet 2012; Know your Oil Bottle, Tin & Rack - Osolene & OlJoil; Plastic Oil Bottles; Oil Company 6' x 3' signs - Alba, Ampol & Atlantic; An unusual Alba sign; B.E.S. Spark Plugs; Restoring a Golden Fleece rack; Five service stations in a row (1965); 4th New Zealand ACCA Annual Gathering; Olympic Tyre Company Diskobolus; Book Review - Petroliana on location; Brief report on Flowerdale; Berwick Swap Meet; Restoration of a Dray Tanker; eBay report; The Mephisto Vulcaniser

Issue 81 cover

Issue 81: October-December 2012

Plume House shaped globes; Garage Gallery: Blythe & Haddleton's Motor Garage; NSW ACCA Annual Get Together; Wartime Oil Company Advertising; Bendigo Swap Meet 2012; Know your Oil Bottle, Tin & Rack - Neptune; Early Shell Oil Rack Signs; 99 Boxes of Oil on the Wall; H.C.Sleigh - the Late Years; ACCA NZ Tour- Member Collections (stops 7 to 10); Early Petrol Fuelled Vulcanizers from Adamson, Lumsden's, Beal, McGraw Tire & Rubber and Ideal Manufacturing; Book Review: The AA Badges of New Zealand; Bodgie items on eBay; Castrol GTX Limited Edition Tin; More Victorian Railway Bridge Advertising; Vale - Col Roberts & Dennis Martin

Issue 80 cover

Issue 80: July-September 2012

Editorials from the old and new editors; Garage Gallery: Rawling's Service Station at Broken Hill; Non-Carbon Motor Oils (Lubra-Kate and Wellsaline); Harvey Frost Vulcanizers; H.C. Sleigh - the Early Years; Know your Oil Bottle, Tin & Rack - Germ, Houghton's, Kangaroo, KOP, Lexol, Lustre & Ma-Refine; How I started Collecting - the new editor shares his passion; Some very early Neptune items; Online Auction Craziness; Four more Members' Collections from the ACCA New Zealand tour; Railway Bridge Advertising in Victoria; and members snippets...

Issue 79 cover

Issue 79: April-June 2012

Twentieth Anniversary Issue; AS Webb Garage in Parkes NSW; ACCA's 20th Anniversary Tour of New Zealand's South Island; Service Stations in Queensland and Addington, NZ; The Ballarat Swap Meet 2012; Garage Gallery - a late 1920s Texaco Lubritorium; Know Your Petrol Pump - Wayne 605 Neptune Supermix; Know your Oil Bottle, Tin & Rack - Germ & Golden Fleece; ACCA 20th Anniversary Gathering; Fakes and Fantasies in car badges; Queensland get-together 2012; AC Spark Plugs; Know Your Petrol Pump - Brodribb; Collecting Garage Equipment.

Issue 78 cover

Issue 78: January-March 2012

Hello from the new President; More on British Trogon; How I started Collecting - a NSW collector who started with a '27 Chevrolet and another who started with a '25 Dodge; Garage Gallery - Ovingham Service Station ca1934; Valvoline Tins; A Waratah painted sign found on a wall in Sydney; a Shell-Mex pump restoration; New Zealand road maps: Texaco and Caltex; Know your petrol pump: the American and the Kroon; The Amoco final filter; Bendigo Swap Meet (November 2011); Know your Oil Bottle, Tin & Rack - Emerald, Energol & Europa; How I started Collecting - a New Zealand collector of plates, badges & signs; More Tyre stuff; Collecting Spark Plugs.

Issue 77 cover

Issue 77: October-December 2011

New Zealand swap meet; Beaulieu Autojumble (September 2011); Perth Automobilia auction; Aviation Refuelling in the Past; Victoria Get-together for 2011; Castrol Collectables; NSW/ACT Get-together; Know your Oil Bottle, Tin & Rack - Daylube, Decoline, Duckham's & Dynalube; RACV Fly the Flag Tour Badges; New Zealand Road maps - Atlantic Union & Mobil; Why I started Collecting Tyre Stuff; Flowerdale Signs Auction; Collecting Tyre Gauges.

Issue 76 cover

Issue 76: July-September 2011

A member's USA road trip on Route 66; South Australia's annual Gasfest gathering; Know your Wm. Wakefield & Co petrol pump; A member's obsession with signs; UK's Beaulieu Spring Autojumble; 100 Years of Vacuum's Flying Red Horse; Know Your Castrol Oil Bottles, Tin Tops and Racks; Know your F Horsell petrol pump; Queensland members' annual gathering; Redex containers and dispensing equipment.

Issue 75 cover

Issue 75: April-June 2011

Toowoomba QLD swap meet report; Beecox petrol pumps; Perth WA swap meet; Motor Manual Goodwill Club car badges; More on Atlantic; Ballarat VIC swap meet report; Know your oil bottle, top and rack - Bear, Blue Ribbon, Big Tree & Trogon; Oil company news; Collecting garage equipment; Collecting vehicle identification plates; Snippets galore.

Issue 74 cover

Issue 74: January-March 2011

How I Started Collecting article; New Zealand swap meet report; Collecting Garage Equipment; Atlantic Ethyl story; Ampol Road Maps; Know Your Atlantic oil bottle, top and rack; Western Australia annual gathering; Atlantic enamel signs; Esso tiger tales; Gurney's Overland car badges; Bendigo swap meet 1983 memories; Castrol Collectibles; Collecting Car Jacks, Car Care Products; Castrol Oil Fountain; Old USA gas stations. Oklahoma USA swap meet.

Issue 73 cover

Issue 73: October-December 2010

Valvoline to Wolf's Head Oil bottle tinplate tops; Why I Collect article; Car Care products; ConocoPhillips museum USA; more on Alemite Lubrication Equipment; A unique fuel dispenser; Golden Fleece ram logo story; Plume wooden box-ends; Victorian state get-together; Shell tankers old and new; Independent petroleum brands; Know your oil bottle, top and rack; Collecting Garage Equipment; Tasmania state get-together; Tractor oil by Shell.

Issue 72 cover

Issue 72: July-September 2010

Vacuum on to Mobil tinplate tops for oil bottles; Alemite lubrication equipment; Beaulieu Autojumble UK, May 2010; Independent petroleum brands; Golden Fleece, Amoco and Liberty road maps; Annual NSW get-together; Illustrated history of Castrol symbols and advertising signs in Australia; Annual SA gathering; Know your Alba, AMP and Ampol oil bottles, tops and racks; NRMA Honour badges.

Issue 71 cover

Issue 71: April-June 2010

Shell, Texaco and Total tinplate tops for oil bottles; RetroMobile, Paris, January 2010; Lasco petrol pumps; Sydney Super Swap, Hawkesbury, February 2010; Texaco trade displays in NZ in 1920s; Know your 1928-1929 oil bottle, top and rack; Super Southern Swap Meet, Ballarat, February 2010; How a member started collecting; Pop culture and music in petroliana; Petrol tankers in Australia and NZ.

Issue 70 cover

Issue 70: January-March 2010

Biggest ever ACCA gathering; Oil bottle tinplate tops L to S; Report on Beaulieu Autojumble UK; Report on Christchurch NZ swap meet; Genevieve car badge etc; Know your oil bottle and top; How a member started collecting; Iconic petrol station over 80 years in Perth; Model railway oil tankers; A member's sheds; Neptune Oil Company road maps; Past service stations of Australia; Snippets galore.

Issue 69 cover

Issue 69: October-December 2009

Annual Victoria get-together; Oil bottle tinplate tops C to K; Policy on reproduction signs; Pearce petrol pumps; Castrol collectables; Iconic temple-like service station in Perth 1926; Mystery petrol pump need identification; How a member started collecting; Petrol tankers in Australasia; Unique large lube oil tanks in Australasia; Petrol refuelling over 60 years; Past service stations of Australia; Early Alba and Ampol oil bottles; Snippets galore.

Issue 68 cover

Issue 68: July-September 2009

Members' sheds; Know your Harvey petrol pump; Report on South Australia annual gathering; Wayne 492 'Corinthian' petrol pump; How three separate members started collecting; Past service stations of Australia; Shell road maps Part 3; Olympic Games 1956 car badges; Castrol collectables; Report on annual auction of signs at Flowerdale VIC; Old oilers; News from the QLD division; Snippets galore.

Issue 67 cover

Issue 67: April-June 2009

Report on Tasmania's inaugural get-together; Mystery Gilbert and Barker petrol pump; Kendall oil items in Australia; How three separate members started collecting; Oil company signs circa 1931 in Brisbane; Member report on visiting collectables in USA; Perth member's early service station; Report on Ballarat and Berwick swap meets in VIC; Past service stations of Australia; Car badges of aviation bodies around Australia; Snippets galore.